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Memorandum of Understanding


Directorate of Film Festivals,

Ministry of Information &

Broadcasting, Government of India


The State Government of Goa, Panaji



This Memorandum of Understanding is hereby made and entered into by and between the Directorate of Film Festivals, an attached office of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India (hereinafter referred to as .DFF.) of the one Part and the Governor of Goa (hereinafter referred to as the .State Government.) of the other Part.


(A.)              Purpose:


It has been agreed that Goa should be the permanent venue for the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). The MOU delineates the partnership arrangements between the DFF and the State Government in the organization of the International Film Festival of India 2005 along with Film Bazaar, the commercial component of IFFI, at Panaji Goa, by pooling infrastructure and other resources for the successful conduct of the event.


(B.)               Statement of Mutual Benefit and Interest:


By organizing an International event of the reputation and standing associated with the International Film Festival of India, the State Government benefits will include infrastructure development at par with International standards, which in longer run can attract sizeable international business and touristy traffic to Goa thereby developing the economy of the State.

The benefits to DFF accruing from making Goa a permanent venue for IFFI are the branding of IFFI internationally with the well-recognized name and attraction as a tourist destination.


(C.)               The DFF shall:-


(i)                   Have full authority in deciding all matters relating to:-

(a)           Entries of films for participation in various sections of the festival, namely, Competition, Cinema of the World, Country Focus, Foreign Retrospective, Indian Panorama, Indian Retrospective and any other sections set up from time to time;

(b)           Forming an Organizing Committee, various sub-committees including a preview Committee to recommend films from across the world for screening during IFFI. Members representing the State Government on these Committees will be nominated in consultation with the State Government;

(c)           Prepare the programming schedule for screening of films of various theatres, etc;

(d)           Invite film producers, directors, actors/ actresses, film professionals, journalists, both from India and abroad, and decide upon the travel and hospitality to be extended to the invited guests. The State Government could separately invite film professionals at their expense , in consultation with DFF.


(ii)                 Set up various functional units for organizing the festival;

(iii)                Co ordinate clearance and dispatch of film prints;

(iv)               Design and prepare festival logo. The State Government would be entitled to use their logo in equal  prominence alongside the IFFI logo,

(v)                 Design the publicity strategy, which would include media coverage branding and a local/ State publicity branding strategy. Local / State level branding strategy would be done in consultation with the State Government;

(vi)               Prescribe registration criteria for delegates, register them and issue them delegate cards etc;

(vii)              Arrange local printer for urgent publicity/ printing requirement of DFF;

(viii)            Print stationary items for use of DFF;

(ix)                Attend to any other matter with the consent of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India;

(x)                  Have sole authority to brief the media on all matters relating to the International Film Festival of India. However, the State Government shall have the authority to brief the media on matters relating to various facilities and events being organized other than IFFI


(D.)               The State Government shall:-

(i)             Place the following infrastructural facilities at the disposal of DFF for the specific period mentioned against each connection with various activities relating IFFI 2005:-



Main festival theatre/ other theatres for press/ delegates screenings (including Kala Academy theatre and INOX Multiplex

From 18-11-2005

To 04-12-2005


Preview theatre at Kala Academy

From 14-11-2005

To 07-12-2005


Media Centre

From 07-11-2005

To 07-12-2005


Open Forum

From 22-11-2005

To 4-12-2005


Film Bazaar

From 07-11-2005

To 01-12-2005


Public theatres

From 25-11-2005

To 01-12-2005


Fully functional office space for setting up various units (including furniture, Internet and communication facilities, water, electricity, sanitary, canteen, etc)

From 24-10-2005

To 10-12-2005


(ii)           See that the renovated Kala Academy Auditorium and the INOX Multiplex will be the festival theatres for press and delegates of IFFI 2005;

(iii)          Identify and procure, on rental basis, local theatres for public screenings of festival films according to the requirements indicated specifically by DFF;

(iv)         Provide Space for setting up of Media Centre, Print Unit, Registration Unit and other functional Units of IFFI according to the technical specifications and facilities indicated by DFF and the Press Information Bureau (PIB), Government of India, PIB will be solely responsible for accreditation of media persons and management of the media centre;

(v)           Assist clearance of prints at Mumbai / Goa airports ensure their availability in time for the screenings and their speedy dispatch;