28th November 2022 (Monday)- INOX- Audi I, Panjim-Goa

Perfect Number

Poland | 2022 | 85 mins-14:30 Hrs Director: Krzysztof Zanussi

Synopsis: What makes life meaningful: success or love? This dilemma is faced by Joachim, a fulfilled man approaching the end of his life, and a young mathematical genius, David. In ‘The Perfect Number’, Zanussi returns to the central themes of his work, explored in such classics as ‘Crystal Structure’ and ‘Illumination’. The answers he gives this time are not obvious.

A young mathematician-physicist is immersed in his scientific research and in teaching his subjects. Joachim, an elderly Jewish-Polish cousin, would like to donate to David, wealth accumulated during his lifetime. David rejects this offer, since he wants to remain poor but happy. In the city, as word spreads, many believe that David has become very rich, and the young researcher finds himself kidnapped!