Brojendragee Luhongba

The Tainted Mirror

  • 2021 | Manipuri | Colour | 13 mins.
  • Director : lomi drunkenness
  • Producer : Chingsubam Sheetal
  • Screenplay : lomi drunkenness
  • Cinematographer : Drunk to a woman
  • Editor : Drunk to a woman

Synopsis :
Chaoren, a school going boy is jealous of his friend Sana who is picked by the football coach to be the team captain. Chaoren’s farmer parents spray chemicals on the vegetables, while keeping the non-sprayed ones for themselves. Chaoren’s notices this and his innocent mind takes a sinister turn when he gives Sana chemical-sprayed vegetables from his farm. Sana does not turn up the next day.

Director :
Romi Meitei is an award-winning filmmaker. He has contributed considerably to the growth of digital cinema in Manipur. His films have been screened at prestigious film festivals including Indian Panorama, MAMI, IFFK, MIFF and others and he is a recipient of several state film awards. An active a social worker, he is the Chairman of Mami Thawan Foundation, working for the welfare of Manipur.

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