Dil Hai Grey

  • India | 2023 | Hindi | 132 min | Colour
  • Audi : Audi 1
  • Red Carpet Time : 4:30:00 PM
  • Screening Time : 5:15:00 PM
  • Cast : Urvashi Rautela, Akshay Oberoi, Rangraj Pandey, Vineet Kumar Singh

Synopsis :
A trusted police inspector has been assigned with a job to secretly accomplish a mission designed by his senior officer who is an IG in police department.The mission involves to tape a list of VVIP phone call conversation and to get the secret information from them which could be helpful for the police department to maintain proper law and order, but the hidden objective of the IG is something different that is to gain control and to dominate the high level political and administrative operations.The protagonist, who is an inspector in the police department and also in good books of an IG is now assigned with this job of phone tapping and he finds this going to be very interesting and exciting because he will be able to overhear and reads other people’s mind which would be full of thrill. During this operation he was asked and permitted to tape a given list of phone numbers only and to keep it very Confidential. He starts this operation and in the initial days he was very keen to know and find out what is happening against law and order and also on the other hand he begins to enjoy this over hearing the private love and personal affairs of the VVIP. Everything was in favor of him and going absolutely well .One day in this overhearing process he suddenly encountered his wife's phone call and from then onwards everything in his life starts messing up because he comes to know that his wife is having an affair with someone. Now the police inspector starts his personal operation to find out that person and for this job, he hires one private detective to spy, investigate and get the full information about that person. The detective after having done his entire investigation reveals that this man is a highly skilled hacker and a psychopath who loves to stalk girls and trap them through social media. This man could be extremely dangerous too, has allegedly involved into many criminal records in suicidal cases but none of them has been proved yet because he had never left any clue due to his sharp intelligence and skills in cyber crime. This is an Antagonist. Then the protagonist plans to threaten the antagonist with his police power in the first encounter with the antagonist, he starts giving the threat and gets shocked because in turn the antagonist reveals he has hacked his computer system and has access to all his data and all the information about his illegal operations too. Now in turn the antagonist threatens the protagonist to hand over his wife. This event has left no option to the protagonist but a lot of struggle to find out a way out of this entire web and how to safeguard and protect his wife from this psychopath antagonist. This leads a cat and mouse chase game which slowly leads to towards an interesting end

Director :
Susi Ganesan is a well known writer and director mostly working in Tamil Film Industry. He was born at Madurai District in Tamil Nadu on 03-06-1969 . He graduated from Madras Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Automobile engineering. During his college days, he worked as a journalist and published many articles for the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan. He was also chairman of ATHENAEUM, the student body of the Madras Institute of Technology, during 1991-92. Susi Ganeshan was awarded three times by Tamilnadu state government for his films “Virumbhukiren”, “Five Star” and “Thiruttu payale”. He conceived the idea for “Kanthaswamy Foundation” which adopted two villages in Tamil Nadu to provide basic amenities such as roads, street lights, repairs to dilapidated schools which ignited businessmen to adopt 30 villages. Martin O’Malley, Governor of the state of Maryland (USA),has honoured filmmaker Susi Ganeshan, for his contribution to Indian cinema.

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