Design Concept Note

The concept for the 54th International Film Festival of India poster revolves around a central motif of a peacock, surrounded by a captivating representation of iconic Indian cinema, arts, millets, textiles, and Indian scripts. This visually striking composition captures the joy and magic of cinema and invites audiences to celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of India.

The poster serves as a vibrant invitation to immerse oneself in the world of Indian cinema and experience the power of storytelling through different artistic mediums. The theme for the festival is “Celebrate the Joy of Cinema.” This theme highlights the immense happiness, excitement, and inspiration that cinema brings to people’s lives. It aims to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian culture through the lens of cinema, arts, millets, textiles, and Indian scripts.

Colours and Aesthetics

The poster features a vibrant and harmonious colour palette, incorporating a range of bold and vivid hues. The colours will evoke a sense of joy, celebration, and cultural vibrancy, reflecting the essence of Indian cinema and its impact on society.

Design elements

The festival poster features a majestic peacock at the center, exuding beauty, and elegance. The peacock’s vibrant feathers serve as a canvas to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian cinema, and culture through arts, millets, textiles, and Indian scripts.

Iconic Indian Cinema

Silhouettes or iconic scenes from celebrated Indian films are artfully integrated into the design. This inclusion pays homage to the visionaries, actors, and stories that have shaped Indian cinema.


The poster will feature intricate patterns and designs inspired by Indian textiles, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and diverse weaving traditions of the country. This inclusion represents the significance of costumes and textiles in creating the visual splendour of Indian cinema. This is depicted using patterns from bandhini, kalamkari, block prints, and sujni.

Indian Scripts

– Different scripts from major Indian languages are incorporated into the poster, representing the linguistic diversity and cultural heritage of the nation. This inclusion emphasizes the role of language in storytelling and the myriad narratives explored in Indian cinema. This is depicted using letter forms from widely used Indian scripts like Gurmukhi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bangala, Odia, Kannada, Devnagari, Roman.

Arts and Culture

The poster incorporates elements from various Indian art forms such as warli painting and patachitra that represents the profound cultural heritage that influences Indian cinema and adds depth to its storytelling.


India has a rich variety of millets like ragi, bajra, kodo, and jowar that have been a staple in its traditional cuisine. The poster highlights these millets, symbolizing the importance of sustainability, nutrition, and indigenous food traditions in Indian cinema.