Andro Dreams

  • Colour | 63 Mins | Manipuri | 2023
  • Director: Dr. Longejam Meena Devi
  • Producer: Airameen Media
  • Writer: Dr. Loangam Meena Devi, Sect
  • DoP: Choose
  • Editor: Dr. Longejam Meena Devi
  • Cast: Laibi, Nirmala, Players of AMMA FC

Synopsis: Andro Dreams is the love story of Laibi, an old woman with a spirited soul, and her three decade old, an all girls' football club that is battling economic challenges, a patriarchal system and orthodoxy in an ancient village of northeast India. The film captures the challenges faced by Laibi, the manager of Andro Mahila Mandal Association Football Club (AMMA-FC) in her sixties and Nirmala, their most promising young football player.

Directors Bio: Dr. Meena Longjam Devi is an award-winning independent filmmaker and the first woman filmmaker from Manipur to bag a national award for her debut documentary film ‘Autodriver’. In 2015, she launched Airameen Media to produce films related to social and gender issues and publish books related to media and the arts.

Producer: Airameen Media is a production house founded by Dr. Meena Longjam Devi. Its productions like ‘Achoubi in Love’, ‘Andro Dreams’ and other short films have garnered awards and accolades at various international film festivals. Airameen Media aims to produce films related to social and gender issues and publish books.

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