Last Meet

  • B&W | 98 Mins | Manipuri | 2023
  • Director: Waribam Dorendra Singh
  • Producer: M/s Cow Dung Movies
  • Writer: Waribam Dorendra Singh
  • DoP: Deva Laishram
  • Editor: Dorendra
  • Cast: Namodam Dwijamani, Renuka Devi

Synopsis: The film revolves around an old and aged Dwijamani who is bed ridden in his family home in a village near Dalu river. His younger sister from Guwahati, who is aged herself, visits him with her son. The story is about the filmmaker visiting his maternal village home in the year 2016 with his mother. In their last few days of togetherness, they all bond well as they laugh, eat and talk about the village and its people. After staying for few days, Dwijamani’s sister and her son leave Dwijamani and his village abode. The film is about their last meeting.

Directors Bio: Waribam Dorendra Singh is an independent film and documentary director, editor and producer from Guwahati, India. He has made several short and long vidoes along with documentaries. He co-directed the feature film ‘Antardhan’ (2015) and the short film ‘I Don’t Want to be Born Again for Poem’ that was screened across several film festivals, including Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (2020).

Producer: M/s Cow Dung Movies Cow Dung Movies is a Guwahati based film production house engaged in producing various independent and experimental films. It looks for new ways of making cinema by exploring different media formats and has produced short films, documentaries and feature films which have been shown at several film festivals since 2014.

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