• Colour | 136 Mins | Malayalam | 2023
  • Director: Ganesh Raj
  • Producer: CNC Cinemaas
  • Writer: Ganesh Raj
  • DoP: Anend C Chandran
  • Editor: Midhun Murali
  • Cast: Vijayaraghavan, KPAC Leela

Synopsis: Ittoop and Kochuteriseyamma, a couple in their late 90's from an old Christian family in a small town in Kerala, have been married for more than 80 years. On the morning of the engagement of their youngest daughter's youngest daughter, Elsi, chaos ensues as the certificate from the church approving their union goes missing. During the frantic search, Ittoop chances upon a love letter addressed to his wife Kochuteriseyamma written nearly 60 years ago. It hints at a raging affair between his wife and an unknown man only identified by his signature as Kochuousep. A livid Ittoop announces that he wants a divorce. The family soon realises that Ittoop will go to any extend to get his way, even at this age. The film explores themes of old age, trust, memory, patriarchy, the meaning of marriage and the butterfly effect of small decisions by the old across multiple generations.

Directors Bio: Ganesh Raj is a film director and screenwriter in the Malayalam film industry based in Kerala, India. He is known for his two critically acclaimed and commercially successful films 'Aanandam' (2016) and 'Pookkaalam' (2023).

Producer: CNC Cinemas is a Kerala based movie production company. Pookkalam is their first film production.

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