• Colour | 14 Mins | Marathi | 2023
  • Director: Abhijeet Arvind Dalvi
  • Producer: Anushka Motion Pictures And Entertainments
  • Writer: Abhijeet Arvind Dalvi
  • DoP: Gaurav Kulkarni
  • Editor: Mayur Hardas
  • Cast: Kanhaiyya Tiwari, Pushkar Tamboli, Kiran Didwaniya

Synopsis: The state of Maharashtra in India has a magnificent cultural heritage of celebrating the Ganesh festival with great gaiety. The idol of Lord Ganesha is called ‘Utsavmurti’ meaning festival idol. The story of the film ‘Utsavmurti’ is about a boy named Kanha and Lord Ganesha in a group celebrating Ganesh Utsav. Kanha feels very envious of Lord Ganesha, who sits as a ‘Utsavmurti’ for ten days during the Ganesh festival, as Kanha himself wishes to become a ‘Utsavmurti’ like Lord Ganesha in life. His wish is fulfilled but then he realizes how difficult it is to become a ‘Utsavmurti’, noticing the several mistakes that are made at the Ganesh festival.

Directors Bio: Abhijeet Dalvi is an award-wnning director, writer and actor in films and theatre predominantly in Marathi. He has written and directed several One Act Plays, winning several accolades. His Marathi non-feature film ‘Kumkumarchan’ was nominated and awarded at more than 21 national and International film festivals (2020-2021) including the 68th National Film Awards.

Producer: Anushka Motion Pictures and Entertainments is a production company founded by Narendra Firodia; a businessman, investor, social entreprenuer and a mentor to budding leaders. Driven with a vision to build on the legacy of his family, his production company produced the Marathi films ‘Aga Bai Arrecchha 2' and ‘Tripleseat'.

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