Beyond Blast

  • Director : Saikhom Ratan
  • Screenplay : Saikhom Ratan and Akee Sorokhaibam
  • Producer : Konjengbam Sushila Leima
  • Cinematographer : Saikhom Ratan
  • Editor : Saikhom Ratan

Synopsis: It portrays the life of an artist who is a victim of armed conflict in the quest for peace. On 16 December 2007, a powerful IED blast in the countryside of Pourabi, in the north-eastern state of Manipur in India claims seven lives and injures thirty. Among the injured is artist Maikel who overcomes his suffering through painting consistently to spread the message of peace, winning state and national awards. His life becomes an inspiration for people with disabilities.

Directors Bio: Saikhom Ratan is an award-winning video journalist and well-known contemporary filmmaker based in Manipur, northeast India. His films ‘My Cousin’s Village’, ‘Beyond Blast’ and ‘SOS’ have won many accolades.

Producer: Konjengbam Sushila Leima is a writer and film producer. The author of ‘Eigi Khangatlaba Wareng Khara’ and ‘Cyclical Odyssey’, she produced the films ‘Kumbeire’, ‘Eigi Kona’ and ‘Beyond Blast’.

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