I'm mad na Yul

  • Director : Munmun Dhalaria
  • Screenplay : Meghna Nandy, Munmun Dhalaria, Andrew Tkach
  • Producer : Moon Peak Films Pvt.Ltd, Andrew Tkach
  • Cinematographer : Munmun Dhalaria, Tenzin Tsering
  • Editor : Ruth Lobo
  • Cast : Dia Mirza, Lanzom

Synopsis: From the Pamirs in Central Asia to the Karakoram and Himalayas of South Asia - the roof of the world; the earth’s largest repository of ice outside the poles is melting. Increasingly frequent mountain disasters have put billions of lives at risk, dependent on these mountains and on some of Asia’s mightiest rivers that originate here. ‘No Water, No Village’, the India episode traces the water challenges faced by the agricultural villages of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh and Zanskar, Ladakh.

Directors Bio: Munmun Dhalaria is an award-winning documentary filmmaker known for documentaries on wildlife conservation, gender and human rights. Her films have screened on National Geographic, Hotstar and Vice World News.

Producer: Andrew Tkach has produced Emmy Award-winning television programs for CBS, ABC, NBC News, Al Jazeera and National Geographic. He has explored global climate change impacts on indigenous communities.

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