• Director: Prithviraj Das Gupta
  • Screenplay: Prithviraj Das Gupta
  • Producer: Raghav Dewan, Prithviraj Das Gupta
  • Cinematographer: Gourav Roy
  • Editor: Prithviraj Das Gupta
  • Cast: Tranjian Choden, Enamul Limbaugh, Jason Rai, Noorsong Tamang, Abhiral Limbaugh, Arang Lean, Saurabh Roy, Mukesh Thakur

Synopsis: One winter Sunday at a boarding school in Kalimpong, 10-year-old Clinton has to face the toughest day of his life. In order to save himself and the new girl Dichen from hunger, he sacrifices his most priceless possession, his cricket championship trophy to the school bully Roxy in exchange for just Rs 20 to buy two half plate momos. His act of kindness turns him into a hero and gives him the courage to take on the school bully.

Directors Bio: Prithviraj Das Gupta is an Indian filmmaker living in Kalimpong. His films delve into the socio-economic tapestry of Indian life. His film ‘Green Blackberries’ won at various film festivals.

Producer: Raghavendra Divan is an actor and producer from Bhopal. His banner Chai Stories has produced more than 70 short films with ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘18+ jobseekers’ streaming on OTT platforms.

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