Ekda Kaay Zala

  • Director : Dr Saleel Shrinivas Kulkarni
  • Screenplay : Dr Saleel Shrinivas Kulkarni
  • Producer : Gajavadana Showbox
  • Cinematographer : Sandeep Yadav
  • Editor : Abhijit Deshpande & Pravin Jahagirdar
  • Cast : Sumeet Raghvan, Urmila Kanetkar Kothare, Arjun Pur

Synopsis:  “Ekda Kay Zala” is a phrase often used to start any story. The film is about a man who runs a school and believes that a story can convey any thought under the sky however big or small. He applies stories in teaching all subjects at school where his son also studies. When he comes across a difficult situation in his life and has to convey the news to his son, he resorts to his philosophy of using stories.

Directors Bio: Dr. Saleel Kulkarni has composed music for 35 films, authored Marathi bestsellers 'Lapavalelya Kacha' and 'Shahanya Manasanchi Factory' and directed Wedding Cha Shinema (2019) and Ekda Kay Zala (2022).

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