• 2022 | Kannada | Colour | 122 mins.
  • Director : Prithvi Konanur
  • Screenplay : Prithvi Konanur, Anupama Hegde
  • Producer : Konanur Productions
  • Cinematographer : Arjun Raja
  • Editor : Shivakumara Swamy
  • Cast : Sherlyn Bhosale, Neeraj Matthew, Rekha Kudligi, Bhavani Prakash, Ravi Hebballi

Synopsis: Class 12 students Deepa and Hari, record their intimate moments in a classroom after college hours on a Saturday afternoon on Deepa’s phone. On Monday they are summoned by the principal and told to their horror that their video is now on the internet. Their families are shattered. The college administration decides their fate while they remain rusticated. But things begin to spiral out of control when the question of their caste comes to the fore.

Directors Bio: Prithvi Konanur’s films have been screened, nominated and have won awards at various international film festivals. Hadinelentu is his fourth film and will premiere at the Busan IFF 2022.

Producer: Prithvi Konanur, Thejaswi Konanur and Santhosh S. G produced Hadinelentu/Seventeeners as the first film under the banner Konanur Productions in 2022 which deals with sensitive youth issues.

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