We don't kill

  • Director : Kripal Kalita
  • Screenplay : Kripal Kalita
  • Producer : Sabita Devi
  • Cinematographer : Binod Dulu Bora, Ramen Rabha
  • Editor : Kripal Kalita
  • Cast : Kulada Kumar Bhattacharjee

Synopsis: With their natural habitats shrinking, the elephants are compelled to venture out and attack human habitats to satisfy their hunger pangs. This inevitable conflict has led to massive destruction of crops and of lives -- of humans and the pachyderms. The documentary traces the story of team ‘Hati Bondhu’ who have often risked their lives to prevent the human - elephant conflict and undertaken several laudable measures to provide the elephants adequate food and a natural habitat.

Directors Bio:  Kripal Kalita is a National Award-winning director. He has directed 12 short films, 15 television serials, 60 stage plays and films like Red to Black, Megh and Bridge.  

Producer: Sabita Devi has co-produced television serials, short films, and feature films like Maram-Enajori, Lore of The Dusk, Megh the Cloud, Mahamanab and Bridge, that won a National Film Award (2022).

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