Little Wings

  • Director: Naveenkumar Muthaiah
  • Screenplay: Naveen Mu
  • Producer: Dilani Rabindran, Rajamurugan
  • Cinematographer: Sarvanamaruthu Soundarapandi, Meenakshi Soman
  • Editor: Philomin Raj
  • Cast: Manimeghalai, Nidharshana C. Kalidos, Madurai Ranji, Small Stomach

Synopsis: An old woman trapped in a bitter marriage is pushed to the brink when her paralyzed husband sets out to consume her pet rooster.

Directors Bio: Naveenkumar Muthaiah is a self-taught aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. Little Wings,produced by Comrade Talkies and co-produced by VFP is his first short film as a director.  

Producer: Dilani Rabindran of Viewfinder Film Productions Inc co-produced the short film Little Wings. Rajumurugan, a journalist turned filmmaker co-produced Little Wings via his company Comrade Talkies.

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