Other Ray Art Of Satyajit Ray

  • Director : Jaydip Mukherjee
  • Screenplay : Sugata Mukherjee
  • Producer : Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre
  • Cinematographer : Asurjit Dey
  • Editor : Dipak Mondal
  • Cast : Sandip Ray, Gautam Ghose, Sir Richard Attenborough

Synopsis: The film captures how the auteur Satyajit Ray straddled atop diverse avenues of artistic pursuits to form the identity of an unmatched narrator of ideas. It retraces the influences that shaped his sensibilities, some of them inherited while the remaining imbibed from the ambience and people he came across. Several facets such as illustrator, calligrapher, musician and author partly eclipsed by his phenomenal standing as a filmmaker, yet all of them as collaborating strands of his composite aesthetic universe.

Directors Bio: Jaydip Mukherjee and Aloke Banerjee is an award-winning filmmaker-duo of documentaries like Pather Panchali – A Living Resonance, Strings of Melodies – Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Those Villages Breathe Hockey, Begum Parveen Sultana and Swami Vivekananda: An Introspect.

Producer: Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre’s endeavour has been to reach out to the remotest corners of the country to promote consciousness about the variety and unity of Indian culture,tradition and heritage.

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