The Show Must Go On

  • 2022 | English | Colour | 60 mins
  • Director : Divya Cowasji
  • Producer : Divya Cowasji
  • Cinematographer : Divya Cowasji
  • Editor : Jall Cowasji

Synopsis: After decades of dormancy, the ageing icons of Parsi Theatre return to the stage, for one final curtain. Plunging into rehearsals, the documentary chronicles their resilience to go out one last time with a bang on stage. The creative chaos of rehearsals reveals an intimate portrait of their bonds, distinct sensibilities, and not-so-subtle unique humour. But a great tragedy befalls the cast on the eve of the final show. Will it change everything? Or will the show go on?

Directors Bio: Divya Cowasji is a photographer and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. She won a National Award (2015) for 'Qissa-e-Parsi'. Her films have screened at several international festivals.

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