the horror of partition is theirs

  • Director : Hitesh Shankar
  • Screenplay : Gyanendra Bartaria
  • Producer : Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
  • Cinematographer : Sarat Chandra Baik
  • Editor : Pranav Dhyani
  • Cast : Devanshu Jha

Synopsis:  The partition of India in 1947 was a painful event and a gruesome chapter in human history. But how long can the truth be hidden? The partition of India is a story of horrific conspiracies, which were hatched for many decades, which changed people, changed governments, changed pawns and weapons. The film traces the story of those untouched sides of history, and the story of those innocent people who lost their lives.

Directors Bio: Hitesh Shankar is a well-known name in journalism and is currently the Editor of Panchjanya. He has directed several films and documentaries, and presides over several national-international literary forums.

Producer: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi is a premier government-funded autonomous arts organization in India, under the Union Ministry of Culture.

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