• Director: Sainath Sakekar
  • Screenplay: Sainath Sakekar
  • Producer: Rajesh R. Pednekar and Gayatri Pednekar
  • Cinematographer: Amey Simepurushkar
  • Editor: Venkatesh Luxury
  • Cast: Shravan Fondkar, Sabita Kudtarkar, Pranav Tengse, Amodi Sanap, Sainath Sakekar

Synopsis: A village boy from the marginalized strata of the society decides to move to the city. But as he spends his last day with his girlfriend, can he ever leave it all behind?

Directors Bio: Sainath S. Uskaikar is a student at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He is an engineer by qualification from Goa, India.

Producer: Rajesh R. Pednekar & Gayatri Pednekar produce films under the banner De Goan Studio Rajesh has been actively involved with theatre for decades as an actor and has produced award winning films like K Sera Sera, Kaajro and Wagro.

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