A Golden Life

  • Burkina Faso| Afrikaans, French, Ganda| 86'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: Or De Vie
  • Director: Boubacar Sangaré
  • Screenplay: Boubacar Sangaré
  • DoP: Isso Emmanuel Bationo
  • Editor: Gladys Joujou


Berlinale 2023

Synopsis: Burkina Faso. In the gold-digging site of Bantara, 16-year-old Rasmané descends deeper than 100 meters in artisanal mines to extract gold. Anxious about accidents, Rasmané makes his way in this world of fierce adults in the hope of becoming emancipated one day …

Directors Bio: Filmmaker, author and director from Burkina Faso, Boubacar Sangaré directed 4 short films and co-directed a feature documentary for TV. A Golden Life marks his debut in feature documentary for cinema. His current projects include the road movie documentary Djéliya, Memory of Manding (selected for La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde, Cannes 2022) and two feature films, Le nom qu’on te donne and Les dieux délinquants.

Sales Agent: Author Films

Drama | Social
Asia Premiere

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