A Tale Of Two Sisters

Synopsis: Rahela and Saleha, the two daughters of a peasant family from a village of Bengal get married at a very young age to two sons of another peasant family. Accidentally, the elder sister Rahela gets paired with the younger brother Sabar and the younger sister Saleha with elder brother Jabar. Rahela gives birth to a baby boy who gets named Rahelillah and Saleha also becomes a mother to a son named Shaheb Ali. The irony of destiny changes their course of life. In 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh against Pakistan, Rahelillah follows the footsteps of his conservative uncle, Jabar, who supports Pakistan; and joins the pro-Pakistan paramilitary force. Shaheb Ali joins the Liberation Force following the example of his progressive, non-communal uncle, Sabar. It is as if their own house turns into a battlefield.

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