Close Your Eyes

  • Spain, Argentina| 2023 | Spanish| 169'| Colour
  • Original Title: Cerrar Los Ojos
  • Director: Víctor Erice
  • Producer: Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo E. Bossi, Víctor Erice, Jose Alba, Odile Antonio -Baez, Agustín Bossi, Pol Bossi, Maximiliano Lasansky
  • Screenplay: Víctor Erice, Michel Gaztambide
  • DoP: Valentín Álvarez (AEC)
  • Editor: Ascen Marchena (AMAE)
  • Cast: Manolo Solo, Jose Coronado, Ana Torrent, Petra Martínez, María León


Cannes, 2023
Toronto International Film Festival,2023
BFI London Film Festival, 2023
Busan International Film Festival, 2023
San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2023
São Paulo International Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: Close Your Eyes turns on a famous Spanish actor, Julio Arenas, who disappears while filming a movie. Although his body is never found, the police conclude that he has suffered an accident at a cliff by the sea. Many years later, the mystery is brought up once more by a TV program that tries to evoke the actor, offering as a scoop images of the last scenes in which he participated, shot by his close friend, director Miguel Garay.

Directors Bio: Víctor Erice initially started working as a scriptwriter; later, as a producer of advertisements and, in 1969, he made his debut as a professional director, shoo- ting one of the three episodes of “The Challenges”, which debu- ted to great acclaim at the San Sebastian Film Festival. His notable work are The Spirit of the Beehive, ‘El Sur’ (Cannes), Dream of Light (Cannes, 1992). In 2006 he wrote and directed the ‘La Morte Rouge’. Currently he is working on a documentary series entitled Memory and Dream.

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