Die Before Death

  • Bosnia And Herzegovina | 2023 | Bosnian | 94' | Colour
  • Original Title: Die Before You Die
  • Director: Ahmed Imamovic
  • Producer: Samir Smajic
  • Screenplay: Ahmed Imamovic
  • DoP: Dragan Gajanovic
  • Editor: Antonio Ilic
  • Cast: Adnan Haskovic, Rade Serbedzija, Mona Muratovic


Sarajevo Film Festival 2023

Synopsis: Gorgeous gynecologist Zlatan has no moral dilemma concerning abortion - nor in his personal life, because he loves the same person as his wife: him. Vesna wants a child but Zlatan doesn't think it is time yet. He doesn’t notice the crisis in his marriage - until he falls seriously ill and has little time left. Convinced that it is punishment for the abortions he performed, he embarks on a journey to seek answers to his conflicts.The final moments turn into victory of life over death as a child is born since Zlatan spares one unborn life.

Directors Bio: Ahmed Imamovich graduated in Directing from Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts (2002). He directed plays and documentaries, including Women (1997). During the Bosnian war (1992-1995) he was with Sarajevo Group of Authors (SaGA) as DoP of documentaries on the siege of Sarajevo, and the 1st Sarajevo FF 1995. His graduation film 10 Minutes was Best Short at ‘European Film Academy Award’ 2002, and ‘Sarajevo FF’, gaining him worldwide recognition. Imamovich worked on Ademir Kenović's The Perfect Circle and Michael Winterbottom's Welcome To Sarajevo (1997). He collaborated on the screenplay of Pjer Žalica’s Fuse (2003). He’s currently Director, BHT1.

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