Endless Borders

  • Germany & Czech Republic | 2023 Persian | 111' | Colour
  • Original Title: Marzhaye would Payan
  • Director: Abbas Amini
  • Producer: Kaveh Farnam, Farzad Pak
  • Screenplay: Abbas Amin, Hussein Farghazdeh
  • DoP: Saman Lotfian
  • Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari
  • Cast: Bariya Rahimi, then, from Sharifi, Hamed Al-Obour, Bahfarid Ghofran, Nasser Sajadi Hosseini, Ghalem Sakhi Nazari, Latif Zoussef, Htak Baloch


International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2023
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023

Award: VPRO Big Screen Award, Karlovy Vary 2023

Synopsis: The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan has reignited the fire of ethnic and tribal wars. The Hazara Afghans, who are under immediate threat from the Taliban, enter Iran illegally. Ahmad is an exiled Iranian teacher in a poor village of Iran close to the Afghan border. When he gets acquainted with a Hazara family from Afghanistan, he sees the real face of prejudice and dogmatism in the region. A forbidden love makes him act and discover the lack of love and bravery in his own life.

Directors Bio: Abbas Amini moved from Abadan to Tehran in 2001 to work as assistant director. His first short film and subsequent documentaries focused on the consequences of the Iraq-Iran war particularly on children. He is a volunteer for the Association for the Protection of Child Laborers (APCL) for the past ten years. His debut feature Valderama screened in ‘Berlinale Generation 2016’.

Sales Agent: Europe Media Nest Distributor

Drama | Thriller | Political
Asia Premiere

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