• Bangladesh | 2023 | Bengali | 78' | Colour
  • Original Title: Fereshteh
  • Director: Morteza Atashzamzam
  • Producer: Shaheen Sultana
  • Screenplay: Morteza Atashzamzam, Mumit al rashid
  • Cast: Jaya Ahsan, Suman Faruque

Synopsis: Fereshteh and his husband Amjad keep trying hard to achieve their wishes.

Directors Bio: Morteza Atashzamzam graduated from university in Computer Sciences. Since 2002, he has directed and produced more than forty independent films, documentaries, and television series. He was the director of Bam Film Festival (2008 & 2010). The 2016 film Melancholy was his first feature film as a director.

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