Flaming Cloud

  • China | Mandarin Chinese | 106'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: San Gui Qing Shi
  • Director: Liu Siyi
  • Producer: Jia Fu, Maggie Ma
  • Cast: Charles Hu, Chen Yao, Ye Zhou , Yiran Zhou, Yunlong Zheng


Fantasia Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: After a bet about the existence of true love in a casino in the Kingdom of Heaven, a strange curse was cast upon a boy named Wang Sangui: Anything he kissed would immediately fall into a deep sleep. In order to break the curse, Sangui embarked on a journey to seek true love.

Directors Bio: Liu Siyi studied Media and Visual Arts at Tong Ji University and Film Production at the Vancouver Film School. Her short film Cadence (2015) played in the China Independent FF. Flaming Cloud, her debut feature as writer-director, was among the Top 5 projects in the 4th CFDG China Youth Film Director Support Program. It won the Most Promising Director, Genre Selection and Producers prizes in the China Golden Rooster Film Project Market.

Sales Agent: Parallax Films

Drama | Romance | Fantasy
Asia Premiere

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