Fortune For All

  • Trinidad and Tobago| English| 72'| 2023| Colour
  • Director: Yao Ramesar
  • Producer: Yao Ramesar
  • Screenplay: Yao Ramesar
  • Cast: Michael Cherrie, Nickolai Salcedo, Kyle Hernandez, Samara Lallo, Rebecca Nedd, Simon Lee

Synopsis: Three Caribbean siblings are reunited by the death of their eldest brother. Marooned on the family's coastal estate in a period of isolation, they begin talking after years of silence. A tender ode to the radio plays of the director's childhood in the Caribbean of the 1970s.

Directors Bio: Hana-born Caribbean filmmaker Yao Ramesar has created over 140 films. These include Haiti Bride (2014) which screened at FESPACO 2015 in Burkina Faso to become the first African diaspora film in competition at Africa’s premier FF. His debut film Sistagod (2006) was the first Trinidad and Tobago feature to gain official selection at a major festival like Toronto 2006, and win the Grand Prix at ArtoDocs in St Petersburg, Russia.

Sales Agent: Caribbeing Inc Limited

Drama | Family
Asia Premiere

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