Fragile Blood / Blue Blood

  • Latvia| Latvian| 91'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: Zilās asinis
  • Director: Una Celma
  • Producer: Dace Siatkovska & Una Celma
  • Screenplay: Una Celma
  • Cast: Ilze Kuzule, Egons Dombrovskis, Anda Reine

Synopsis: In a society where reality blurs with myth, Diana struggles to conform to societal norms. Trapped in a codependent marriage with Igor, she risks traumatising her daughter, Astra. A pivotal choice looms: daughter or husband. As illusions merge with reality, Diana must decide if it's not too late.

Directors Bio: One of the most experienced female filmmakers in the Baltics, Una Lelma has produced and directed more than 10 documentaries and 5 feature films. Many of these have won awards at some of the most renowned FFs. She is the CEO of Fenixfilm, a film production company based in Riga, Latvia. Many of the works she chooses to direct and produce include prominent female characters and deal with women's issues both in the Eastern European and global context.

Sales Agent: Fenix ​​Films

Drama | Family
International Premiere

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