Gandhi & Co.

  • India| 2022| Gujarati| 101'| Colour
  • Director: Manish Saini
  • Producer: Mahesh Danannavar
  • DoP: Swathy Deepak
  • Writer: Manish Saini
  • Editor: Manish Saini
  • Cast: Dhyani Jani, Darshan Jariwala, Druma Mehta, Krishil Rajpal, Pralay Rawal, Shah Reyaan


Bangalore International Film Festival

Award: Golden Lotus Award - Best Children’s Film, National Film Awards, 2023

Synopsis: Two mischievous boys look up to an elder who embodies Gandhi’s teachings. One of the boys decides to imitate Gandhi but still hangs on to his mischievous ways.

Directors Bio: Manish Saini (b: Haryana) studied at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and makes films in Gujarati language. He produced his debut feature, Dhh (2017) about three school children who believe that a magician can get them out of their troubles. It won the National Film Award for Best Gujarati film and played in Toronto IFF Kids. His second film, Gandhi & Co, was the Best Children’s Film at International Gujarati Film Festival (IGFF) 2022 and screened in Czech Republic.

Sales Agent: Gum Films

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