God’s Gift

  • Kyrgyzstan| Kirghiz| 76'| 2022| Colour
  • Director: Asel Zhuraeva
  • Producer: Emir Sarpashev & Mukhabat Akhmetova
  • Screenplay: Temir Birnazarov & Asel Zhuraeva
  • DoP: Karash Zhanyshov
  • Editor: Tolomush Zhanybekov
  • Cast: Toktosun Arzygulov, Gulayum Kanimetova


São Paulo International Film Festival, 2023

Asian Film Festival Barcelona, ​​2023

Synopsis: At the house of an elderly childless couple, about seventy years old, with poor health, living in a small village, unknown people leave a six-month-old baby. An old man and an old woman are going to hand over the child to the authorities. But having heard that young children are being sold for organs, they decide to leave the child to themselves. Caring for a baby turns the lives of older people in a completely different direction. They have an interest in life.

Directors Bio: Hailing from Kyrgyzstan, Asel Zhuraevahas worked as a director with Kyrgyzfilm, an historical film production studio originating in the Soviet period, as well as with Tazar, a relatively young film studio. Asel is currently the director of the Fund for Art Females of Asia.

Sales Agent: Julia Travnikova

Drama | Family | Social
India Premiere

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