Good Autumn, Mommy

  • China | 2023 | Mandarin Chinese | 107' | Colour
  • Director: Shizhong Chen
  • Producer: Dun He
  • Cast: Shu Qi, White-K, Zhang Benyu, Lang Yueting Jordan Lee

Award: Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Shanghai International Film Festival 2023

Synopsis: During a rainstorm, the sugarcane farmer Fong-tai's newborn daughter disappeares without a trace. She embarks on a journey to find her.

Directors Bio: Chen Shizhong is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and a Guangdong native. He graduated from Shenzhen University in 2017. He obtained a full scholarship to attend Shanghai Vancouver Film School, majoring in cinematography. He was selected as one of the top five directors of CFDG Young Director Support Program in 2020. Good Autumn, Mommy is his first feature film.

Sales Agent: Parallax

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