Less Pedals

  • 2022 | Tamil | Colour | 119 mins.
  • Director: Kamalakanna S
  • Producer: #Montage, UVW Business Pvt Ltd
  • Screenplay: Prabhakar, Kamalkannan
  • Cinematographer: Sumee Baskaran
  • Editor: Shivanandiswaran
  • Cast: Kali Venkat, Santosh, Raghavan, Gnananshekar, Rathish, A.A. Sai Ganesh

Synopsis: The story is about the conflict between a father and his pre-teen son Maari. The father doesn’t know to ride a cycle and his son who wants to learn to ride a cycle. The village sees its first cycle-on-rent shop. Denied money to take a cycle on rent, Maari clandestinely gets money from his pampering mother to rent a cycle to learn cycling and now his cycling sessions are peppered with interesting events and run-ups with strangers.

Directors Bio: Kamalakannan S. is a film director and a producer in the Tamil film industry. His directorial debut was Madhubaanakadai (2012), followed by Vattam and Kurangu Pedal (2022).

Producer: #Montage is a film production company into production design, advertising, budgeting and releasing of feature films. They have produced Madhubaanakadai (2012), Kadhal Kan Kattuthe (2017) and Kurangu Pedal (2022).

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