Little Singham Bahubali Friends

  • Colour | 47 Mins | Hindi | 2023
  • Director: Ankur Chauhan
  • Producer: Reliance Animation
  • Writer: Anurag Bakshi
  • Editor: Ankur Chauhan

Synopsis: When Mirchi Nagar faces elemental demon attacks, the Bahubali Friends rally to protect it. Amid battles, Little Krishna, Little Hanuman, and Little Shakti lose their precious belongings. Little Singham intervenes heroically to save Mooshak Raj from being seized.As celebrations pause, the friends reveal a greater danger: Aparshatru. Centuries ago, Asurs threatened Devlok, until warrior Aparshatru emerged. Empowered by the Pralay Astra created by Bahubali Friends, he defeated the Asurs, but its might corrupted him. The Bahubali Friends took the weapon and hid it, needing their elemental possessions as the keys. Mooshak Raj alone can guide them to the location. In a final showdown, Little Singham confronts Aparshatru, racing to seize the Pralay Astra. Little Singham and the Bahubali Friends unite to outsmart Aparshatru, leveraging his greed to overcome him. Returning the Pralay Astra, they recognize its danger and destroy it.

Directors Bio: Ankur is an innovative animation director, visual storyteller and a filmmaker. Having experience with renowned studios like Reliance Animation, India Today Group, Tavrohi Animation, Morph Technologies, Maya Digital, and AIS World, his notable works are ‘Little Singham 3D’, ‘The Bhoot Bandhus’, ‘OMG!’ and ‘So Sorry’ which won him the prestigious FICCI BAF Award.

Producer: Reliance Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Reliance Entertainment, is a multifaceted animation studio based in India. Established in 2007, it excels in creating high-quality animated content for films, TV series, and educational materials, leveraging cutting-edge technology to tell captivating stories for a global audience.

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