Lonely Yurt

  • Kazakhstan| 2022| Kazakh| 100'| Colour
  • Director: Begars Yelubaev
  • Producer: Aigerim Yelubaeva
  • Screenplay: Smagul Yelubaev
  • Cast: Kairat Kemalov, Kulzhamilya Belzhanova, Ergenbai Abuev, Medgat Omiraliev, Azat Alakshyn, Uldana Kudaibergenova, Kumiskul Kemelbekova, Rita Halel, Maksat Aimuradov"

Synopsis: The Pakhraddin village, driven by the oppressive Goloshchekin government's cattle confiscations, embarked on a southward migration that plunged them into turmoil within the Turkmenistan deserts. The family's patriarch resolved to lead his people back to the Karakalpak city of Kungrad, a desperate bid for salvation. Abandoning their yurts amidst the vast sands, the villagers undertook an arduous journey on foot, returning to the alien city, where an uncertain destiny lay in store for them.

Directors Bio: Begars Yelubayev pursued his education at the Kazakh State University and expanded his horizons at the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law in Prague. Before his transition to filmmaking, Begars dabbled in episodic acting. In 2012, his directorial journey began with "The Hunter Boy," a drama-comedy based on a true story that secured various awards. Subsequently, he crafted compelling films like "Oazis" (2016), "Child Love" (2018), and "Lonely Yurt" (2021), which earned critical acclaim. Notably, "Lonely Yurt" was adapted from a prize-winning novel, adding to its success.

Sales Agent: Assel Yrys

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