• México| 2023 | Spanish| 110'| Colour
  • Director: Andres Arochi Tinajero
  • Producer: Santiago Tron & Andres Arochi Tinajero
  • Screenplay: Andres Arochi Tinajero & Gonzalo Romero
  • DoP: Andrés Arochi Tinajero & Galo Olivares
  • Editor: Didac Palou, Sergio Beltrán-García & Andres Arochi Tinajero
  • Cast: Rodrigo Azuela, Daniella Valdez

Synopsis: In a desperate attempt to overcome the grief caused by his girlfriend’s passing, Damian sets off on a journey across Mexico. Haunted by memories and regrets, he finds solace through conversations with strangers, witnessing the rituals they participate in to cope with death.

Directors Bio: Born in Mexico City, Arochi’s debut feature film, Luto, represents the artistic culmination of this remarkable journey, characterised by his signature pace and perspectives, resulting in a powerful audiovisual language. Arochi’s career has encompassed a wide range of projects and collaborations, including music videos for renowned artists such as Harry Styles, Lykke Li, FKJ, Major Lazer, DJ Shadow, RYX, Alessandro Cortini and J Balvin among others.

Sales Agent: Ida Agency

Docu-fiction | Experimental | Anthropology
World Premiere

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