• Chile, Germany | 2023 | Spanish | 75'| Colour
  • Director: Tana Gilbert
  • Producer: Paola Castillo, Dirk Manthey
  • Screenplay: Tana Gilbert, Paola Castillo Villagrán, Javiera Velozo, Karina Sánchez
  • DoP: Women serving prison sentences
  • Editor: Javiera Velozo, Tana Gilbert

Synopsis: Women in prison reconstruct their experience of motherhood through videos and photographs captured with their forbidden cell phones while serving their sentences. Malqueridas offers a reflection on the severity of motherhood when faced with confinement and the loss of affections.

Directors Bio: Tana Gilbert Mastered in Documentary Filmmaking from University of Chile. During her second year she made her first Short film, Rest, Zulema (2013). It was awarded in several festivals including Femcine 2013. Her last short, I’m Still Here premiered at Hot Docs (Toronto) 2017 and participated in 25 festivals worldwide. It was Best Short Film at Cine Las Americas (USA) and won a Jury Award at Miradas Doc (Spain).

Sales Agent: Square Eyes Films

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