• Romania| 2023 | Romanian| 160'| Colour
  • Director: Cristi Puiu
  • Producer: Anca Puiu, Cristi Puiu
  • Screenplay: Cristi Puiu
  • DoP: Ivan Grincenco, Silviu Stavila
  • Editor: Ecaterina Iaschevici
  • Cast: Bianca Cuculici, Laurențiu Bondarenco, Otilia Panaite, Florin Țibre, Igor Babiac, Roxana Ogrendil, Adelaida Perjoiu, Dorian Boguță, Dragos Bucur, Marin Cumatrenco


San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2023
Warsaw International Film Festival, 2023

Award: Nominated for Best film, San Sebastián, 2023

Synopsis: Oana Pfifer, a young therapist, gradually slips into a net of the questionnaire she submits to her tient. Mihai, Oana's brother, worrying about his thday, is stuck in a story far bigger than he can ndle. Septimiu, Oana's husband, concerned out his health, vaguely listens to a strange story ; colleague was caught up in a while ago. Narcis transcu, an organized crime detective, deals th an unsettling dark story while interrogating a lung woman at a funeral.

Directors Bio: Cristi Puiu, a Romanian screenwriter and director, is a pioneer of the Romanian New Wave. Notably, "The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu" (2005) won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes and received two European Film Award nominations. "Aurora" (2010) secured three Gopo awards in 2012, while "Sieranevada" (2016) competed at Cannes. His latest feature, "Malmkrog" (The Manor House), premiered at the 70th Berlinale, opening the Encounters section and earning him the Best Director award in 2020, solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in contemporary Romanian cinema.

Sales Agent: Shellac Distributor France

Drama | Comedy | Arthouse | Anthology
Asia Premiere

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