Naanu Kusuma

  • 2022 | Kannada | Colour | 105 mins.
  • Director: Krishnegowda
  • Producer: Krishnegowda
  • Screenplay: Krishnegowda Eldas, Dr Besagarahalli Ramannanavaru
  • Cinematographer: Arjun Raja
  • Editor: Shivkumar Swamy
  • Cast: Greeshma Sridhar, Sanatani, Krishnegowda, Kaveri Sridhar, Soumya Bhagavat, Vijay

Synopsis: Kusuma is the daughter of a cultured caring father who is a mortician at a hospital. He wants Kusuma to become a doctor but he meets with an accident and passes away. His body will undergo the same procedure in the same mortuary. Kusuma drops out of medical school due to financial crises and opts to become a nurse. She gets her father’s government job on compensatory grounds. But life for Kusuma takes a dramatic turn when she is raped.

Directors Bio: Krishne Gowda is a producer, director and actor in the Kannada film industry. Over three decades, he has acted in many movies and produced more than 15 films.

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