There is a Ship Named Nanak (1969)

  • Director: Ram Maheshwari
  • Producer: Pannalal Maheshwari
  • Writer: Ram Maheshwari
  • Cinematographer: D.K. Prabhakar
  • Editor: D. N. Pai
  • Cast: Prithviraj Kapoor, Vimi, Nishi, Som Dutt, Suresh, Veena, David Abraham, Jagdish Raj, Raj Rani, Ratan, Gajanan Jagirdar, H.S. Johar, Ramayan Tiwari

Synopsis: Set in 1947 in Amritsar, Gurumukh Singh, a devout Sikh and a prosperous contracting businessman lives a fairly harmonious life with his wife and younger brother, Prem. Trouble starts when Prem marries Ratan Kaur and her brother, Sukha instigates the two brothers against each other, creating differences that eventually leads to the closure of their business. Ratan takes charge of Gurumukh’s son, Gurmeet and ensures he gets a good education. But years later, when Gurmeet grows up and is in love with Charanjit Kaur, he loses his vision and the chance to marry and take care of his aged father, mother, Prem and Ratan. However, with Gurumukh’s faith, harmony is restored in the family.

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