• Albania| 2023| Albanian, English| 92'| Colour
  • Original Title: Okarina
  • Director: Alban Zogjani
  • Producer: Dren Zherka
  • DoP: Alex Bloom
  • Writer: Albana Muja
  • Editor: Jon Saqipi
  • Cast: Jehon Gorani, Shengyl Ismajli, Flaka Latifi, Kastriot Shehi, Rina Krasniqi

Synopsis: This is a tale of family issues that emerge due to a shift in lifestyle upon moving to a new country, driven by a strong aspiration to improve their circumstances. Shaqa and Selvia opt to challenge their sense of "morality" in pursuit of a brighter future. Conversely, Giovanni's unintentional involvement steers their chosen path in an unforeseen direction. However, their journey does not culminate as they initially anticipated

Directors Bio: Born in Pristina (1986), he founded ASHA in 2005. The graphic services Company added video production (2007) and marketing agency (2014). He studied Graphic Design and Film Directing at the University of Prishtina. His first short film ‘Dear Nita’ was awarded at Barcelona IFF. EHO won Dren Zherka in the debut film category at Montreal IFF.

Sales Agent: Alban Zogjani

Drama | Family | Migration
Asia Premiere

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