Party Of Fools

  • France| 2023| French| 122'| Colour
  • Original Title: Captives
  • Director: Arnaud Des Pallières
  • Producer: Philippe ROUSSELET, Jonathan BLUMENTAL
  • Screenplay: Arnaud Des Pallières, Christelle BERTHEVAS
  • Cast: Mélanie Thierry, Marina Fois, Carole Bouquet


Deauville Film Festival 2023

Synopsis: Paris, 1894. Every year, on the occasion of the Carnival, a big and popular ball is held in the mental institution of La Pitié Salpétrière. Politicians, artists and social figures flock to the doors of this women-only institution, eager to attend the famous Party of Fools. Among the patients, Fanni. Unlike the other women who are interned unjustly against their will, she is here voluntarily. Her only goal: to find her mother and escape together.

Directors Bio: Arnaud Des Pallières studied literature and worked as a stage actor. In the 1980s, he started his career as a director. His film Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (2013) won the ‘Golden Iris’ at the ‘Brussels Film Festival’ and was nominated for the ‘Golden Palm’ at the ‘Cannes Film Festiva’l.

Sales Agent: Elle Driver

History | thriller
International Premiere

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