Revenge: Our Dad The Nazi Killer

  • Australia | 2023 | English| 90'| Colour
  • Director: Danny Ben-Moshe
  • Producer: Danny Ben-Moshe, Lizzette Atkins
  • Screenplay: Danny Ben-Moshe

Synopsis: Revenge: Our Dad the Nazi Killer? is a documentary following three Jewish brothers who uncover their father's secret mission in 1950s Sydney: seeking revenge on a Nazi. Their investigation unveils Nazi networks, Jewish vigilantes, and mysterious Nazi deaths in post-WWII Australia, set against a backdrop of Cold War intrigue and government-level anti-Semitism.

Directors Bio: A British-born filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe is also an academician, and author. His documentaries, including Shalom Bollywood, have aired on BBC, ABC, and Yes (Israel) and been sold to networks like PBS and NHK. His films have received significant screenings at venues such as the Tate Modern and the Israeli Knesset. His BBC Storyville documentary, My Mother’s Lost Children, became the Audible podcast My Lost Family and a drama optioned by Wall to Wall/Warner Brothers. His latest work, Revenge, will be fictionalised in a novel for HarperCollins.

Sales Agent: Cargo Films

History | Investigation
Asia Premiere

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