Shame On Dry Land

  • Sweden, Malta| 2023| English, Maltese, Swedish| 91'| Colour
  • Director: Axel Petersén
  • Producer: Sigrid Helleday
  • Screenplay: Axel Petersén
  • DoP: Josua Enblom
  • Editor: Robert Krantz
  • Cast: Joel Spira, Christopher Wagelin, Julia Sporre, Jacqueline Ramel, Michal Axel Piotrowski, Tommy Nilsson, Erica Muscat, Owen Sciriha

Synopsis: In the shade of Malta’s scorching sun, around the edges of the Swedish online-gambling community, exiled con man Dimman shows up for a lavish wedding, kicking off a desperate and decadent pursuit of redemption.

Directors Bio: Axel Petersén (b: Stockholm) studied at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague; the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm; and the Mountain School of Arts, Los Angeles. His film Avalon (2011) was screened at festivals and won the International Critics Prize in the Discovery programme. His other films include Under the Pyramid (2016) and The Real Estate (2018).

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