Snow Leopard

  • China| 2023 | Tibetan, Chinese| 109'| Colour
  • Original Title: X UE B Ao
  • Director: Pema Tseden
  • Producer: Wang Lei, Tsemdo Thar
  • Screenplay: Pema Tseden
  • DoP: Matthias Delvaux
  • Editor: Jin Di
  • Cast: jinpingA, OM, Chung name


The Venice Biennale, 2023
Toronto International Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: An exquisite and enigmatic beautiful tale of a majestic but deadly snow leopard and its complicated relationship with the communities of the Tibetan plateau, told through the eyes of a local television crew director and his former schoolmate, a monk passionate about photography. While the monk's brother, a herder who has suffered the loss of nine rams mauled by the leopard, wants to kill the beast, the religious man, who seems to subliminally communicate with the animal, wants to save it at all costs - and so do the local policemen.

Directors Bio: Pema Tseden, the first Tibetan filmmaker in China to craft films exclusively in the Tibetan language, achieved cinematic acclaim with "The Tibetan Trilogy": "The Silent Holy Stones" (2005), "The Search" (2009), and "Old Dog" (2012). These works offered an insider's perspective on contemporary Tibet, forging a unique aesthetic style. His later films, including "Tharlo" (2015), "Jinpa" (2018), and "Balloon" (2019), continued to explore the evolving Tibetan experience. Pema Tseden's artistry garnered accolades at both domestic and international film festivals, establishing him as a luminary in Tibetan New Wave cinema, adept at blending cultural richness with cinematic innovation.

Sales Agent: Rediance Films

Drama | Family
India Premiere

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