• Philippines| 2023 | Tagalog | 80'| Colour
  • Director: Brilliant Mendoza
  • Producer: Krisma Maclang Fajardo
  • Screenplay: Honeylyn Joy Alipio
  • DoP: Virginie Sourdough
  • Editor: Isabelle Denoga
  • Cast: Laurice Guillen, Piolo Pascual, Baron Geisler, Christopher De Leon


Busan International Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: Set in the Maguindanao region of Western Mindanao, Philippines, Moro follows two brothers, Jasim, the diligent elder brother, and Abdel, the irresponsible younger brother who has squandered his savings on gambling. After having an ominous dream involving her deceased husband, their mother attempts to reconcile the two brothers. With the assistance of the local community, the family finds a semblance of peace. However, unexpected government intervention soon plunges the entire region into a state of severe violence. Moro reveals that sometimes even those we think of as close friends may become the most destructive enemies. The director’s exploration of the weak links within relationships is truly outstanding.

Directors Bio: Brillante Mendoza, a celebrated Philippine director and producer, stands as a cinematic icon. He made history by winning the Best Director award at Cannes for "Kinatay" in 2009, the first Filipino to do so. Mendoza also received France's prestigious "Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres" in 2014. His journey began with "Masahista" in 2005, which won Locarno's Golden Leopard. His recent works, including "Amo" on Netflix (2018) and "Gensan Punch" on HBO GO (2021), have maintained his international acclaim, and "Resbak" is currently available on Amazon Prime. Mendoza's influence extends far beyond Philippine borders.

Sales Agent: Center Stage Productions Philippines

Drama | Political | Crime
India Premiere

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