The Cuckoo’s Curse

  • Spain, Germany | 2022 | Spanish | 99'| Colour
  • Original Title: The Cuckoo
  • Director: Targarona Sea
  • Producer: Mar Targarona, Joaquin Padro & Wolfgang Mueller
  • Screenplay: Alfred Pérez-Fargas & Roger Danès
  • DoP: Rafa Lluch
  • Editor: Jose Luis Romeu
  • Cast: Belén Cuesta, Hildegard Schroedter, Jorge Suquet & Rainer Reiners


Málaga Festival, 2023

Synopsis: This year, Marc and Ana are going to take a different kind of vacation. They’ve decided to swap houses with Hans and Olga, an older German couple who they met via a website. At first, things seem to go smoothly. But the house swap gradually turns into a veritable nightmare for Sebas and Ana when they discover that Hans and Olga not only want to swap houses, but also their lives.

Directors Bio: Mar Targarona, born in Barcelona is a prominent figure in Spanish film and television. She co-founded the production company Rodar y Rodar in 1990, which initially focused on commercial production and achieved international recognition. Over the years, she has produced and directed numerous successful projects, including "The Orphanage" in 2007, a major hit. Targarona has also directed TV series and mini-series, displaying her versatility. Her career has been marked by collaborations with emerging talent and the production of acclaimed works. Her contribution have left a lasting impact on the Spanish entertainment industry.

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