The Drunk

  • Portugal | 2023 | Portuguese, Russian | 121' | Colour
  • Director: André Marques
  • Producer: Alexandre Oliveira
  • Screenplay: André Marques
  • DoP: Manuel Pinho Braga
  • Editor: André Marques, Pedro Augusto Almeida
  • Cast: Vítor Roriz, Ina Esanu, Teresa Madruga, João Pedro Vaz, Damian Victor Oancea, Gonçalo Norton, Jorge Vaz Gomes, Sofia Dinger, António Melo, David Pereira Bastos, Flávia Gusmão, Ana Lúcia Palminha, Jorge Dias.

Synopsis: Contemplating the failure of his life, Rogério drinks until losing control of his actions and involves himself in a bar brawl. His alcoholic drift takes him to the city port, where he falls asleep while watching passing ships. When a young woman appears in the night, seemingly running from something, Rogério offers to help and enters a nightmare he never imagined could become his.

Directors Bio: André Marques (b: 1984; Portugal) studied cinema at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and he is an awarded Portuguese writer/director. His work has been developed through various genres – fiction, experimental, documentary – with films and projects selected in several internationally renowned festivals such as Berlin Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Palm Springs, Leeds, among others. Marques has been the subject of six retrospectives: by the Bucharest Cinematheque (Romania) in 2015, by the TV channels TVCINE (Portugal) and FicBueu Film Festival (Spain) in 2016, by the Burgas Film Festival (Bulgaria), Ymotion Festival (Portugal) and Fundação Gulbenkian (Portugal) in 2017. He was one of the selected filmmakers for the Berlinale Talents 2016. The Drunk is his first feature film.

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