The Land Where Winds Stood Still

  • Kazakhstan | 2023 | Kazakh | 108' | Colour | Zhel Toqa Ghan Zher
  • Director: Ardak Amirkulov
  • Producer: ArdakAmirkulov, Diana Ashimova
  • Screenplay: ArdakAmirkulov, Daur Dossybiyev, Baglan Kudaiberliyev
  • DoP: Alexandr Rubanov
  • Editor: Allan Amirkulov
  • Cast: Zhanar Shokpanova, Salikh Beisenbai, Meirzhan Musakozha, Sagizbai Karabalin, Ersin Kalybaeva

Synopsis: In the early 30s of the XX century, the mother of two small children, Hadisha, sets out for her husband, who was sent to Siberia on false charges. In her journey across the country, a woman experiences inhuman difficulties and trials, meeting on the way the same destitute people fighting for their lives in the endless Kazakh steppes.

Directors Bio: Ardak Amirkulov studied philology at the University of Alma Ata, where he graduated in 1977. He then studied film directing in Moscow with Sergei Solovyov. Since 1996 he has been professor at the Alma Ata Film Institute. 1997 is his third feature.

Sales Agent: Diana Ashimova

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