The Light

  • Colour | 105 Mins | Hindi | 2023
  • Director: Team of Godlywood Studio
  • Producer: BK Harilal Bhanushali
  • Writer: BK Shushil, Bk Aparna, Bk Ajay, Bk Anjali, Bk Yashwardhan
  • Editor: Shekhar Prajapati

Synopsis: Based on the real life events of founder of Brahmakumaris (A Spiritual Organisation) - Pitashri Brahma, from the book " Ek Adhbhut Jeevan Kahani" is a story of a wealthy and affluent diamond merchant who gave away all his wealth and property to a trust aiming to empower women, as well as spread awareness of human values and bring peace and harmony in the world through spirituality. He had sacrificed a life of luxury and become a Rajyogi. In this new path of spirituality, he faced many challenges and obstacles with bravery and courage and throughout the journey they were all constantly guided and empowered by the almighty supreme soul "The Light". Even after he had left his mortal coil, the journey still continues to spread the spiritual knowledge throughout the world.

Directors Bio: Godlywood Studio is an initiative by the Brahma Kumaris. Founded in 2012, it is situated within the Brahma Kumaris headquarters at Abu Road, Rajasthan. It has produced more than 19,000 episodes, 3,500 songs and 4,500 short videos in a decade for satellite channels and OTT Platforms. ‘The Light’ is their feature film production.

Producer: World Renewal Spiritual Trust, is a public charitable trust registered under the provisions of Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Its objective is the promotion of ancient Indian culture, knowledge, yoga, philosophy and to uplift the lives of all human beings. It also establishes, conducts and manages institutes aligned to its purpose.

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